Supply department

Head of Supply Department: Mrs. Dagmar Mlýnková,

The task of the Supply Department is to provide raw materials, merchandise, packaging, pallets, materials, spare parts and components for production in such a range and quality that MIKROP satisfies the requirements of customers within the required deadlines and built a positive image of the company.

Purchases are in the form of tenders according to GMP+, HACCP, NON GMO standards. We buy quality raw materials meeting all legislative requirements that are suitable for our production technology. All raw materials are regularly checked by our laboratory.

Raw materials are purchased from domestic and foreign sources. Within the scope and availability, we prefer resources from the Czech Republic. Currently, about 273 kinds of raw materials, 160 kinds of commercial goods and 95 kinds of packaging and packaging materials are used. In 2021 we purchased from 121 suppliers of raw materials and 44 suppliers of commercial goods.

Department of quality management and control

Head of the Department of Quality Management and Control: Mr. Radek Krejčí, MSc

a) System of quality management, EMS and feed safety

MIKROP ČEBIN a.s., a joint-stock company, has implemented quality systems and EMS (Environmental Management System) in accordance with the Czech National Standasrd ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016 and 14001: 2016 as well as the GMP+ FSA safe feed system in line with the GMP B1 standard. In 2019, the efficiency of these systems was verified by audits carried out by the relevant re-certification bodies. The certification according to GMP+ B1 standard was also done according to the exemption for Central and Eastern Europe. The company holds the certificates B1, B1 CEE and NON GMO.

b) Laboratory

The MIKROP laboratory provides for company needs at the input, interoperation and output control points. It also participates in testing of new products in terms of compliance with feed quality and safety and verifying product properties when used by customers. Accuracy and rectitude of the laboratory work is verified annually through participation in inter-laboratory comparison tests organized by CISTA (Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture and the company O.K. SERVIS BioPro (NIRS).

MIKROP uses state-of-the-art equipment to determine the basic nutrients and additives. A great number of analyses of organic nutrients in feed materials, compound feeds and forages are carried out using NIRS, which allows us to obtain the required information rapidly with the accuracy similar to wet chemistry methods.

Production department

Director of Manufacture: Mr. Martin Vít

The manufacturing technology of MIKROP ČEBIN a.s. is designed to meet the requirements forsafe feed production according to HACCP and GMP+ standards. When designing technological elements or units, we always place the greatest emphasis on the resulting quality of the feed produced. We always take into account the related attributes such as precision and performance, but also flexibility and variability, so that we can safely produce premixes and feeds with the required composition and provide complete sources of active substances for livestock and pet food. Everything is subject to the quality and speed of production and timely delivery to the end customer.

The production equipment installed was delivered by leading European manufacturers of digital technology systems to control modern industrial operations. All tasks for the individual production lines are assigned and evaluated by the production control system.

Sales department

Director of Commerce –Mr. Václav Pyrochta, PhD,