Production portfolio

MIKROP ČEBIN, a. s. offers a comprehensive range of mineral and vitamin products for all farm animal species. We prioritise customer needs across our system of services and product development. Due to its manufacturing program and the broad scope of application of its products in livestock nutrition, MIKROP ČEBÍN a.s. offers solutions for all types of compound feed producers, and both large scale livestock operations and backyard breeders. As for commodities, we offer products that farmers need (soybean meal, rapeseed meal, fats, etc.).

Scope and quality of supply

Our unique manufacturing technology allows us to take up an innovative approach to customers´ needs and customized production reflecting animal requirements and quality of feed materials available.

We classify our products into four main areas:

  • Premixes (0.5 %, 0.2 % inclusion rate) of bioactive substances for every farm animal species and production phases to be used in large feed mills.
  • Mineral complementary feeds (2–4 % inclusion rate) to cover farm animal requirements of vitamins, aminoacids, macrominerals and trace minerals, are the basis of our manufacturing program.
  • Complementary feeds (4–15% inclusion rate) for on-farm use.
  • Medicated feeds and premixes, or premixes of active agents for improvement of farm animal health.

Other products:

  • Instant and mineral licks ML Molasses
  • Stimulating nutritional supplements
  • TELMILK - a comprehensive range of milk replacers for all species
  • Products for organic farming
  • Services and products for biogas production
  • Magniva and ENERGYSIL - forage preservation programes
  • Pet food program