Cuttle nutrition


Ing. Jiří Kostkan

Garant výživy skotu, Celá ČR

Ing. Stanislav Staněk, Ph.D.

Produktový manažer - výživa telat, kůzlat, jehňat, Celá ČR

Ing. Filip Kopecký

Produktový manažer, Celá ČR

The joint-stock company MIKROP ČEBÍN is the largest Czech producer and supplier of a wide range of products for dairy and beef cattle of all ages. The product portfolio for various categories of cattle includes both concentrated premixes of feed additives for certified manufacturers of compound feed, and complementary mineral feeds containing macroelements, trace elements, vitamins and other approved additives for cattle nutrition, mineral licks, compound feeds, protein and energy concentrates. In 2020, our company focused, among other things, on innovating its product portfolio designed to ensure optimal cow health. Now. In our portfolio farmers can find mineral-vitamin supplements for transition cows, post-calving boost drinks and drenches that modify the rumen environment and remediate rumen dysfunctions, as well as products that eliminate the adverse effects of heat stress on cows during hot summer months. A very important product, which was developed at the end of 2020, is the protein concentrate BK URO Lactation, intended as a cost-effective substitute for expensive soybean and rapeseed meal. This product has become very popular among our customers. Also, we should not overlook our new package for post-calving cows, the Start Lactation program, which includes specially designed products such as the mineral-vitamin drink Porod Extra (Calving Extra) with by-pass energy sources, boost drink Porod Plus (Calving Plus) and Drench Plus. In 2020, a comprehensive range of products and complementary mineral feeds for beef cattle, especially for fattening bulls, was introduced. As for calves and other young ruminants, we have prepared a new milk replacer for lambs and goat kids, OVISMILK, with 20% skimmed milk powder. Our range of milk replacers for calves was broadened with Telmilk Dynamic, which contains 30% SMP. This product found its customers very quickly on the Czech and Slovak markets. An integral part of MIKROP´s cattle program is a comprehensive extension service focused not only on animal nutrition and feeding, but also on health management of dairy and beef cattle herds, milking parlor management, milk production profitability, cattle housing, herd management using state-of-the-art technologies, etc. At MIKROP ČEBÍN great emphasis is placed on the professional development of all our specialists who are in daily contact with livestock caretakers, herd managers and farm supervisors. We also support the continuous education and training of employees of our customer farms, to whom we provide not only technical training but also other services such as the development of standard operating procedures for milking, calf care, calf feeding, etc. In the area of cattle nutrition and herd health MIKROP cooperates with leading domestic and foreign veterinary experts. In order to support our extensive first class animal nutrition services, we run our own laboratory to provide detailed analyses of forage and concentrates