Poultry nutrition

Ing. Miloš Joch

Garant výživy drůbeže, Celá ČR

MIKROP ČEBIN a. s. manufactures a number of products for poultry feeds such as premixes, mineral complementary feeds and protein concentrates for poultry of all types and ages.

Our flagship and best-selling products are premixes of feed inclusion rate from 0.05% to 0.5%, intended for authorized compound feed manufacturers. Complete feeds with Mikrop premixes are used mainly for feeding breeders, broilers and commercial layers. Birds fed with our products achieve excellent feed conversion ratio, daily weight gain and high egg production.

The mineral complementary feeds (2–4 % inclusion rate) are sold to registered home mixers. The use of home grown raw materials is essential for the home mixers to achieve good farm profitability.

We also produce a number of accessories for poultry. We offer two types of floor paper cover for young chicks – HORKA 200 and MIKROP POULTRY PAPER. Each of them has a different colour and rate of degradability. The liquid additive MIKROP MIXODIL is a blend of vitamins and chelated trace elements designed for laying hens in peak lay or with poor shell quality. It can also be used in broilers to improve growth in the starter period or mitigate the impact of heat stress.

We provide free expert consultancy on nutrition and management, regular laboratory analyses, customized least-cost feed formulation, measurements of house environment parameters with state-of-the-art devices, etc. We also give advice on the construction of on farm feed mixers and their effective use. We can also help with applying for subsidies.

Our employees increase their expertise by everyday field work, participation in seminars and conferences, and trips to foreign farms and other entities in poultry industry.